Happy National Drink Wine Day

Other moms: “I’m running a 5k tomorrow morning so I can’t drink tonight.”

Me: “I’m running to my grocery pickup in my air-conditioned car to have them load my online order into my trunk. Namely bottles of bubbly. And hot fries, you know, for my gas station charcuterie board.”

It’s the Super Bowl for ladies everywhere. It’s National Drink Wine Day. I’m neither Latin nor am I coordinated but I’m going for that vino like JLo went for it on that pole. Judge me as hard as you want. Or join me, Karen.

Valentine’s Day suck? That’s why we have National Drink Wine Day!

Did you get some melted chocolate that your husband forgot in the car? Oh and by the way it’s 80 degrees in Florida right now! I think it’s no coincidence that “National Drink Wine Day” comes only four days after Vday. The pressure alone to celebrate unending love makes me gag. And I know I mentioned this in my last vday post, but the prefixed menu on that day along with its hefty price tag is purely criminal. I am officially blacklisting Valentine’s Day this year. Just joking, my sitter canceled on us. But fret not, we get ourselves a redo on February 18th! Step aside, for the new vday is vino day.

Grab your girlfriends. Grab your husband. Or grab your loved ones.

Loved ones being your kids and put their butts to bed at 6 pm. Get a sitter. Go wild. It’s also Taco Tuesday, my sons’ favorite dinner of the week, and nothing will pair better with prosecco than tacos. Or perhaps your wine tastes more like everyone can go all go make their own dinner tonight.

Can we just talk about prosecco here for a second? She’s like Chardonnays younger, hipper sister. But by my own admission, I must confess that I do have a preschool palate. I’m no sommelier. My inferior palate is not fickle. I can taste the difference between beer and champagne but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

Fun fact.

In ancient Roman society, women were forbidden to drink wine. Their husbands greeted them with a kiss to see if their wives had consumed any alcohol. If their wine detectors went off, they were at liberty to actually put their wives to death. I’m sorry but if my husband replaces my mommy juice for grape juice then we are talking about the other D word and it’s not dessert. 

If you can’t manage to get a “crew” to sip on some wine with, FaceTime your bestie. Just don’t crack the phone screen as you toast. Another fun fact, cause you know I love me some useless information. It’s actually considered poor etiquette to clink glasses. Is it also faux pas to polish off the bottle in one sitting as well? Wine goes sour and I’m not wasteful. I also don’t keep wine stoppers in my kitchen because I am no quitter. Especially on Wine Awareness Day. So cheers ladies, this is our holiday!

Happy National Drink Wine Day!

Brishen is originally from New York but has lived in Florida fourteen years which now means that she freezes when the temperature drops to 75 degrees. She's married to her best friend Kevin. They are cemented together through sarcasm and witty flirtations. Through God's grace, they are the parents to Declan (5) and Connell (2). They live with another couple, Jake who's 47, and Ellie is 36 according to The American Kennel Club. She is a stay at home mom though she is relentless in trying to escape the daily grind of laundry and bleaching EVERYTHING. She finds refuge in pilates and in helping others. She hosts an annual blessing bag party. Then with her family distributes the bags all over Tampa Bay. She is diligently trying to raise boys into men that will restore faith in humanity one kind act at a time. She thinks the key to life is not to take oneself too seriously. A sense of humor and a strong cup of coffee don't hurt either. Her suburban journey can be followed as bring.me.coffee on Instagram.