Things People With December Birthdays Are Tired of Hearing

Yes, there are OTHER things happening in December aside from the holidays. Birthdays, for example, also happen this time of year. Here are a few things we “December Birthdays” would like everyone to know:

1. Sorry about the Christmas wrapping paper. I didn’t have anything else.

giphy (8)
Huh? I have Christmas paper in July, but I’m not going to wrap your birthday gift in it. Come on. The Dollar Store has birthday paper all year…


2. I can’t come to your birthday. It’s the same night as my friend’s cookie party.

giphy (1)

Thank you for explaining exactly where I rank in our friendship.

3. I can’t miss my neighbor’s ugly sweater party. It only happens once a year! It’s kind of a tradition.

giphy (11)

Once a year? You mean, like my birthday…?

4.  Come to my holiday party anyway! We’ll sing happy birthday and make it like a combo thing.



5.  I bet you made a killing on presents. Double the amount!

giphy (7)

Actually, no. 

7.  Sorry. I don’t have anything for your birthday.  It’s just a bad time of year. Things are really tight, you know? Can I take you to dinner in January?

giphy (17)

No, I’m sorry.  January is tight, too. Let’s just skip it all together.

8.  Oh, I forgot! This time of the year is so busy.

giphy (13)

I wouldn’t know anything about being busy at this time of year. Thanks for making me feel so special.

9. Why don’t you try celebrating it a different time of year?

giphy (14)

Great idea! What works best for you…?

10. Oh, you are a Christmas Baby!

giphy (18)

Actually, my birthday is two weeks before Christmas…

11. You were born on Christmas? What day?



12. Here’s your birthday AND Christmas combo gift!


Remember that birthday gift I got you in May? Yeah, that was also your Christmas gift…

Of course, this time of year is NOT about gifts. We know this. We are grateful, especially as adults, for any gift or celebration we get. We have heard these things our whole lives, however, and want to save future generations from feeling left-out or unimportant this time of year!

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