Spring is in the Air ALL Year in Tampa

When I think of spring, fields of blooming flowers representing a rebirth pop into my mind.  Leaves are gracing the trees like a favorite soft green blanket.  However for many people in Tampa, The Spring is a rebirth and safe haven to start anew.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month represented by purple ribbons to help increase awareness and stop the cycle of violence.  The statistics are actually staggering that 1 in 4 women will suffer from Domestic Violence in their lifetime.  Think about how many women you know including your mother, sisters, friends, children’s teachers, colleagues and even friends through the Tampa Bay Moms Blog group.  One in four may be in a domestic violence situation behind closed doors.  As a contributor for the Tampa Bay Moms Blog, I felt compelled to share the information about the resources available from The Spring and the warning signs.

The Warning Signs

Domestic Violence is more than just physical abuse. These are the most common non-violent warning signs associated with all types of abusive relationships:

  • Is your partner insulting you, putting you down or blaming you for everything that happens?
  • Is your partner telling you that you are not worthy or “not good enough” to be loved?
  • Is your partner excessively jealous and/or overly possessive?
  • Is your partner prone to an explosive or “bad temper?”
  • Is your partner keeping you from having your own friends, or seeing your family?
  • Is your partner keeping you from having your own opinions, or not allowing you to speak freely?
  • Is your partner keeping you from carrying or spending money, controlling how much you spend or making financial decisions without your input?
  • Is your partner threatening you in any way, which makes you feel afraid?
  • Is your partner someone who destroys things or possessions when angry?

The Spring now has a video that helps us understand how a victim would feel showing many of these warning signs at www.thespring.org/bruises and a complete list of warning signs can be found at http://www.thespring.org/warning-signs/

The Spring of Tampa Bay

springlogoThe mission of The Spring of Tampa Bay is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families and communities.  Founded in 1977, The Spring is the only certified Domestic Violence Center serving Hillsborough County and was the first DV agency in the US to have an accredited onsite public school.  There are many services to support the community including the 24 hour crisis hotline (813) 247-SAFE (7233), a 102 bed emergency residential shelter, outreach services, legal assistance, and more including education and programs for kids.

For anyone in an abusive situation: If you need help, please reach out. The staff at the Spring is there to help you. We at Tampa Bay Moms Blog care about you and know how hard it can be to break free from a difficult situation. It’s time to find safety…for you and your family.

Carrie S. synthesized her corporate expertise, educator background and passion as a mother to develop the award-winning Exploracise® program and Fun Wise™ Exercise methodology. Inspired by her two gifted and high-energy children, Aaron and Felicia, she created fun educational products and programs to help children develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle. Carrie is married to Adam Scheiner M.D., world-renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon, for more than 17 years and has lived in Tampa for over14 years. Find Carrie playing with kids around Tampa, sharing ideas on Facebook or Twitter, and developing new educational games at Exploracise.com.