7 Themed Halloween Books, Crafts, and Snacks to Try This October

Our Octobers are filled with festivities guaranteed to get us in the Halloween Spirit. Whether it’s decorating the house with home-made decorations, visiting a pumpkin patch, or watching a scary movie- You can find us making the most out of this spooky holiday. One of my favorite thing to do is themed holiday meals, movies, books, crafts, and snacks. When October rolls around, I love to plan fun Halloween themed activities that include a story and/or craft and/or snack. It takes a little planning and creativity to pull an afternoon of themed activities but I (along with my friend, Pinterest) am going to make it easy for you by sharing my list of 7 themed Halloween books, crafts, and snacks to try this October.

1) Witches



Book: Room on the Broom

Craft- Halloween Witch Countdown

Snack- Broom Pretzels

2) Pumpkins


Book- Story of Jack O’Lantern

Craft- Make Your Own Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern

Snack- Jack O’Lantern Fruit Cups

3) Ghosts


Book- Ghosts in the House

Craft- Spiral Spirits

Snack- Ghost Bananas

4) Skeletons


Book- Dem Bones

Craft- Q-tip Skeleton

Snack- Skeleton Bones

5) Monsters


Book- Little Shop of Monsters

Craft- Spooky Lanterns

Snack- Monster Mouths

6) Haunted House


Book- At the Old Haunted House

Craft- Haunted House Cut Out

Snack- Graham Cracker House

7) Halloween

Halloween Party Candy Corn Banner

Book- Halloween Night

Craft- Candy Corn Banner

Snack- Popcorn Hand

Kim McNeely
Kim grew up in a small town in northeast Alabama. She majored in journalism in college at Faulkner University. There she met baseball-playing Florida boy named David who swept her off her feet and then married her. David went right into a coaching career and Kim lost her desire to write. In 2008, they started a family and Kim fell in love with motherhood. She has been a stay at home mom for almost 12 years devoting her time to raising three children. Her kids have grown up on baseball fields and in ball parks. They moved to Lithia a few years ago and enjoy exploring Tampa and checking out the local baseball teams. Kim likes being creative and crafty. She is a list-maker, scheduler, and planner. She loves planning play dates, parties, and budget-friendly family activities. When Kim isn't at a baseball game, she spends her days convincing her 11 year old, Emerson, to put down the cell phone; helping her 8 year old, Everly, with math homework; and entertaining her playful 5 year old and only son, Easton. If she finds some free time, she writes her blog, catches up on her favorite TV shows, scrolls social media, and folds massive piles of laundry. Her desire to write returned when she realized that her children were an endless source of inspiration. She also realized she knew more about baseball than the average mom and wants to share her knowledge with others. You can follow Kim's blog and Instagram as she documents The Baseball Life.