A Bright Idea from Tampa

bulb-jacket-logoThe light bulb has been a symbol for great ideas from it inception.  So, it just seemed like a bright idea to write about a new fun concept to cover your bulbs that was developed right here in Tampa. Tampa is in the Sunshine State but now you can have a rainbow of light shining in your living space.

IMG_7355Inspired by her grandmother’s lamp, Kathy, wanted to create a rainbow of illumination for people to enjoy.  She loved the colors that glowed when light struck the crystals on the lamp creating a prism effect on the floor.  How could she continue to receive these shining colors when the new bulbs may not fit the older style lamps? She created Bulb Jacket™.
The bulb jacket is a cover for the CFL bulbs or as I call them the twistee bulbs.  To me they look ugly especially when exposed in a ceiling fan or table lamp.  The bulb jacket comes in many colors plus white or clear to cover the unsightly bulbs.  There is also a great safety feature that if a bulb breaks all of the glass is contained in the bulb jacket.  My son had a phase where he was throwing anything he could get his hands on.  Cleaning broken glass from bottles he grabbed or a light bulb he reached in a split second was not fun.  With bulb jacket, you have safety with style and the fun part is having the colored light shining in your room.
Bulb JacketA super cool feature of bulb jacket is that they come apart and connect so you can mix and match two different colors.  One half of the bulb jacket can be blue while the other half can be purple.  How awesome is that?


Some fun ideas for Bulb Jacket in your home:

  1. Children’s roomIMG_7365

Even my middle school daughter is excited to have pink light shining in her room.  With so many colors, kids can create custom looks in their rooms especially mixing and matching the different colors together for endless combinations.

  1. Sports Teams

Bring the colors of your favorite sports teams or college teams to light at your watch parties.  Here in Tampa, everyone loves the Bucs, Rays and Lightning so celebrate by decorating your rooms with those colors.  I am not even going to comment about the Gators, Seminole and Bulls.  Coming from outside of Florida, it is hard to understand the craze but you can get colors to show your spirit.

  1. Holidays

Bring the colors of the holidays into your home.  Forget trying to find colored bulbs for each holiday.  Just get bulb jacket in holiday colors to make your decorating easier and faster each year.

I am always excited to find something new that was created in Tampa and share it with the mom’s of Tampa Bay Mom Blog.  Bulb Jacket is another great find and fun at the same time.  Bring some color to your home! Learn more at http://bulbjacket.com.

Carrie S. synthesized her corporate expertise, educator background and passion as a mother to develop the award-winning Exploracise® program and Fun Wise™ Exercise methodology. Inspired by her two gifted and high-energy children, Aaron and Felicia, she created fun educational products and programs to help children develop a love of learning and healthy lifestyle. Carrie is married to Adam Scheiner M.D., world-renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon, for more than 17 years and has lived in Tampa for over14 years. Find Carrie playing with kids around Tampa, sharing ideas on Facebook or Twitter, and developing new educational games at Exploracise.com.