YouTube Channels for Tween Boys: Mom and Kid Picks

From trick shots to serious tech, here are some popular YouTube channels for tween boys.

My little guy is growing up so fast, and his YouTube tastes are growing up, too. Gone are the days when I could plop him down with a bunch of Donald Duck cartoons and hear that adorable belly laugh. While he still loves Donald, these days he looks for YouTube channels for tween boys that appeal to his growing sense of adventure and action.

Before we dive in, a couple of notes: Of course, the usual caveats about screen time apply. In our family, we have a rule that our son must watch YouTube in our presence, volume up, no earbuds. We don’t always watch with him, but we have to know what he’s looking at. Also, I’m calling these “YouTube channels for tween boys” as a sort of shorthand, but as a female sports fanatic myself, these channels can appeal to anyone who likes a little action in their lives.

Now, on to my kid’s picks.

Totally Rad YouTube Channels for Tween Boys

Dude Perfect

The trick shot kings! You’ve probably seen one of their viral videos of shooting a basketball from the top of a building, or from the upper deck of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. But these guys bring a lot more than crazy shots. Case in point, we love the “Stereotypes” videos–and don’t miss the wacky sports challenges!

Kid says: They’re funny and their trick shots are pretty wild.

Mom says: Your jaw will drop at the trick shots, and their comedy skits are hilarious. No strong language, just good fun.

Dangie Bros

Brothers Chris and Jeff and their buddy Rob build crazy contraptions and compete in insane challenges. Whether they encase each others’ phones in metal or create an entire carnival in their backyard, this is one YouTube channel for tween boys that will have you asking “what will they do next?”

Kid says: It’s fun to see all the cool stuff they build, and they’re goofy.

Mom says: The Dangie Bros come up with all kinds of creative projects, like building the unbreakable box – and then trying to break it. I really like the problem-solving aspect of their videos. No strong language, but there’s definitely a “do not try this at home” factor. For instance, in the carnival video they build a game where the participant throws an ax at a target. Like, an actual ax. So, yeah. Watch these guys for fun, but don’t get any crazy ideas, okay?


Arun Maini delves into the world of technology, reviewing the newest products and offering tips to get the most out of them.

Kid says: It’s tech, it’s tech, IT’S TECH! (Seriously, he really said that! –Mom) He makes it understandable and not too complex for people my age.

Mom says: Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect this one to make the list. But my son does watch it a lot because he loves to see all the new stuff coming out. Arun is soft-spoken, and his videos are pretty straightforward, without a bunch of gimmicks or in-your-face attitude. Bottom line, if your kid likes tech like mine does, this is a great YouTube channel for your tween boy.


Central Florida resident Trevor Martin has something for everyone, from video game demos to dog videos.

Kid says: There’s a lot of things I like on his channel. He does a good job of walking you through a new game.

Mom says: Trevor has a positive attitude and infectious personality. We love Super Cooper Sunday, when he posts videos with his adorable dogs, Cooper and Koda (along with a feisty black cat named Bella). Side note here: parents may want to preview his gaming videos as some may be inappropriate for young viewers.

What’s Inside

This channel started with a school project and just kept going. Each episode, a dad and his son take something apart to see how it works. Excellent YouTube channel for tween boys (and girls) who like to see what makes things tick.

Kid says: Funny, and they’re kind of educational with how stuff works.

Mom says: I love the interaction between the dad and his son. And kids love to watch them tear stuff apart! Again, they make liberal use of power tools and other sharp things, so make sure the kids don’t try this without adult supervision.

Bonus Channel: Barry Lewis

Finally, this one’s for Mom! British, self-taught home cook Barry Lewis takes you along on his journey of discovering great food. He makes mistakes, tells dad jokes, and often includes his wife and two young daughters–and pugs Boston and Amy–in his culinary adventures.

Kid says: He’s funny and I like his gadget videos.

Mom says: Have you noticed a theme? My kid really likes funny videos! This may not be your typical YouTube channel for tween boys, but it just might surprise you. My son doesn’t always watch the cooking videos on this channel with me, but he loves when Barry tests various kitchen gadgets. This is one we can enjoy together.


There you have it! Of course, there are as many YouTube channels for tween boys as there are tween boys, but these are some of my little guy’s favorites.

What YouTube channels do your kids like to watch? Share with me in the comments!

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