10 Things I Won’t Miss About Breastfeeding

My little girl is turning one this month and I can’t believe a year has passed. I wanted to breastfeed for a year, and I’m proud to say I’ve successfully achieved my goal. Please understand, I did not EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed, and there were days where she had more formula than breast milk, but I still feel confident that she has received all the benefits of being a breastfed baby.

Breastfeeding itself has been a constant struggle for us both. It is physically and mentally exhausting, disruptive, and taxing in a way I never thought possible. Even still, I’m a little sad that my baby is moving on from this stage.

I can tell I will soon miss those late nights when it was just the two of us in the chair in her bedroom. To cope, I’m reminding myself of some positive things that will come with this change. I’m hoping it will help me get through this tough transitional period.


So I give you my 10 Things I Won’t Miss about Breastfeeding:

  1. Having to frantically run around town trying to complete errands in order to make it back home before the next feeding. I look forward to abiding by all traffic laws again.
  2. Choosing my wardrobe based exclusively on the ease of access to my breasts.
  3. Having to immediately assess each place I go for the most discreet place to breastfeed in case of a feeding emergency.
  4. The breast pump. This one needs no further explanation, am I right??
  5. Repeatedly glancing down at my shirt to make sure I’m not leaking.
  6. Using half my bathroom counter to store tubes of lanolin, nursing pads, and nipple shields.
  7. Having to limit and monitor my alcohol intake – can I get an AMEN!!??
  8. The biting, definitely one of the top things I won’t miss about breastfeeding. Again, no need to elaborate further!
  9. Having my daughter constantly try to dive down my shirt in public, although I’m sure this will continue for a little while. However, it always makes for fun conversation.
  10. The constant, unwavering anxiety over how much she’s eaten and if she’s still hungry. I’m sure this particular anxiety will be replaced by seven other ones as she moves into being a toddler, but a girl can dream, right?

How did your life change after breastfeeding?

Angela is a Long Island native, but has called Tampa Bay her home since 2005. She currently lives in St. Pete Beach with her husband and their daughter Sophia, born October of 2014. Though a new Mom herself, she’s a veteran Stepmom to three beautiful girls. A teacher by trade, Angela is enjoying her new role as a stay-at-home Mom. When she’s not trying to keep up with all things “girlie”, Angela can be found reading, scrapbooking, editing photos or singing (not very well). You can get to know her better on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


    • I know! It’s such a love-hate relationship. I am lucky that my daughter doesn’t seem to be struggling with the transition too much, and I always had trouble producing milk so my body isn’t minding either. I started with one feeding, and replaced it with a bottle for about a week. Then I went to the next feeding and did the same thing for a bout a week. We’re down to only morning and night, and I plan on replacing the morning one with a bottle starting tomorrow. I might hang on to the night one a little while longer:) Good luck, you can do it!!

  1. TWO!! I even went out and got some new adult bras, you know the ones that don’t have clips on them haha.

    My son still nurses occasionally, like once every three days and just at night, so we haven’t done any public nursing in a long, long time. However, that does not stop his hands from diving into my shirt constantly. I think it is a comfort thing.


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