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Surviving Job Loss When Mama’s the Breadwinner

Many moms these days are hustling hard, climbing corporate ladders and taking over as bread winner in the family. Stay at home dads are on the rise and the conventional sense of “family”’ is changing. Despite that, many working moms tend to still take on all of the invisible family tasks. Things like scheduling play dates, […]

Mommy’s Valuable Me Time During the Holiday

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”- Nelson Mandela Mommy Me Time Mommy me time is something I always struggle with and will probably always struggle with. It’s hard to think of yourself when you’re a mom because your first priority is the child/children and/or significant other. Heck, I can barely go to the bathroom […]

What’s a Bullet Journal and Why Should I Use One?

#BulletJournal – what?  I love my tech. My office is almost completely digital – iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBooks, Cloud servers, Cloud-based software, digital scanning, WiFi speakers, and a technologically-advanced electric vehicle. Our clients follow our data gathering system for litigation – which is completely digital. But sometimes, you need to put pen to paper and that’s […]

Spotlight on Brandon

Brandon, located just east of Tampa, is a bustling city in its own right. Offering a variety of entertainment, dining, and business options, residents have been flocking to this area for years. A great place to live for singles and families alike, there are always fun new places to check out. As a mom, I’m […]

6 Restaurants in South Tampa to Take Kids AND Feel Like a Grown Up

We all know date nights are important in a healthy relationship, but sometimes my husband and I get a kick out of taking our kids to dinner with us. Besides giving them the chance to practice manners and acting like big girls, it gives me a much needed break from cooking yet another dinner. And […]

Using Technology to Help Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time of the year again when everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. I am no stranger to this yearly exercise. After determining what I wanted from this upcoming year, I shifted my focus to the “HOW”. In the past, I have heavily focused on the outcome rather than on the journey needed to […]