Candy Alternatives: Last Minute Basket Stuffers for the Last Minute Mom

Last Minute Easter Basket Stuffers for the Last Minute Mom

No matter how early I start browsing holiday décor or making mental gift lists, I still find myself zipping around the local drug store last minute scavenging for odds and ends to stuff in baskets or stick under the tree. As the saying goes, “Why put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today?” Well, because I can. Because there is always more time! Or at least it seems that way. I could put a big fat holiday countdown calendar above my bed and still not be phased when it hits single digits.

This year, like every year before, I told myself I’m going to prepare early! But did I?! Of course not! Thankfully, our team of writers offered up their go-to Easter Basket stuffers. So even though I’ll be doing my usual last minute Easter shopping, at least this year I have plan!

Are you a last minute momma like me? Check out our list of Easter Basket stuffers that are totally doable no matter how much time is left until Easter morning.

“I try to avoid candy as much as possible. It just ends in me eating it all or fights about how much and how often my kids can eat it. I like to add bubbles, sunglasses, chalk, or art supplies. One year the basket was a baseball glove and they each got a bat and items to play a game outside.” -Brandi Eatman

“When I need a last minute gift, I typically check my local “Made by Mom” Facebook page. They usually have cute and unique items right on hand that you can arrange pickup for. That way I save on shipping fees and support a local Mom’s business. This year I bought crayons that spell my son’s name.” -Rose King

“My son is Autistic (age 4) and for candy alternatives (since my son doesn’t enjoy candy due to sensory aversions) I like to fill his basket with sensory integration toys like playdoh, slime, and pop buttons. I like to focus on fun toys that are resourceful. I also add bubbles, stickers and water balloons which are his favorite. For food items, he really enjoys crunchy snacks, so I add toddler puffs, Oreos and his favorite Organic Doritos. All of these can be purchased at your local store, which is great for a last minute grab. This year, I added in something new, a kite 🪁. We will all enjoy trying to fly it on a lovely windy day.” -Amanda Moran

“I like to do body products like bath bombs, bubble bath, lip balm or lotion. Craft kits or supplies are also fun. It can be as simple as a new box of crayons or colored pencils.” -Emily Draper

“I hit up the dollar tree and get art supplies. Their art section has all kinds of goodies like canvases, paint, paint brushes, and other crafting items.” -Diana Anioce Andre

Happy Easter!!