Staying Fit While Traveling

Keeping up with fitness and nutrition on the road can easily become a list of excuses. Whether you are traveling for work or vacationing with family, staying fit while traveling is not easy. It takes planning and commitment, but is so doable!

Recently I committed to an 80 day program of intense nutrition and workouts six days a week. Travel – for work or pleasure – can easily become a reason to take a break from your workout program, but instead I changed my mindset and saw it as an even bigger challenge to overcome.

In the weeks leading up to the program, I thought about potential obstacles and brainstormed how I could avoid them. My goal was to stay committed even while on the road, especially with having to eat out for multiple days at a time. My husband follows some hard core weight lifters on Instagram and they have it figured out! A few tips and tricks from them got me thinking this might actually be possible.

The biggest obstacle of all was shifting my mindset. Continuously reminding myself I could be successful on the road with fitness and nutrition if I truly committed to myself. Getting up early is not my favorite thing, but the energy I have throughout the day is off the charts considering how early I actually get up.

Here are 4 quick tips to stay focused on your personal fitness goals while living out of a luggage:

  1. Request a mini-fridge. Most hotels have them available – you just need to ask upon check-in. It’s a great way to keep veggies and fruits on hand.
  2. Bring baggies. Meetings usually mean unhealthy snacks and beverages. When in doubt, pack your own so you’re not tempted to give in to the calories loaded options.
  3. Have groceries delivered. Try Instacart, Shipt or others – you can order some healthy options straight to your hotel room.
  4. Gas stations have microwaves! Who knew? I packed a cooler full of snacks and meals for 1-2 days of car travel and lo and behold, the first gas station I stopped in had a microwave. I was able to heat up my delicious, portioned and home-cooked meal right there! Total shocker.

Don’t underestimate what the mindset shift needed to stay committed to yourself. 

Selecting better options while dining out, getting in a 20 minute workout or going for a jog are choices. You choose to make bad, good or somewhere in between choices when you travel. Choose your mindset before you go and you’re more likely to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals while traveling. No longer is traveling for a few days an excuse. There are ways to stay on track even on the go. It requires extra planning up front, but it’s so worth it!

Lastly, allow yourself to flex. One meal gone wrong or one workout missed will not ruin all efforts. You are human. Allow yourself some grace while on the road, but be sure to get back on track. Have faith in yourself! Anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

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