Your Guide to Sesame Street at SeaWorld

Recently, Tampa Bay Moms got a sneak peek at Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando. We met characters, rode rides, ate yummy food, and got some pretty cool swag! If you are heading out to SeaWorld with kids, you’ll definitely want to spend some time on Sesame Street!


Most of us grew up watching Sesame Street. Count Von Count taught us our numbers. While Grover contorted his body to teach us our ABC’s. Bert and Ernie taught us about friendship. While Oscar the Grouch taught us it’s ok to express our feelings. Ironically, Cookie Monster helped us make healthy food choices. Big Bird taught us to think BIG and use our imagination. Now, as parents, you can still find us tuning into PBS, to share our old friends with a whole new generation. I used to dream of what it would be like to visit Sesame Street, so imagine my surprise when I actually found it at SeaWorld Orlando!

It’s every bit as charming as the one in TV Land. And you will feel like a kid again as you share this special place with your little ones! Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando is now open. And if you are marking your calendars to go- let me share some tips with you!

Sesame Street Tips


  • Sesame Street has a lot of interactive stations. These are fun and educational! My son really enjoyed these spots. For example, one cool feature that we really enjoyed was Elmos’s Interactive Light Up Bubble Wand (you can purchase this at Mr. Hooper’s Store). Throughout Sesame Street, there are spots to tap your wand for extra interactive fun!


  • The award-winning parade happens EVERY day! It’s a colorful 15-minute dance party through Sesame Street. Folks, it’s upbeat and cheerful… and really fun for all ages!


  • If you are looking for food, try one of Sesame Street’s food trucks. There are sandwich and chicken options. You can find some yummy smoothies like Big Bird’s Pineapple Delight and Twist Cream drinks (Icee and vanilla soft serve) at Sesame Sips. Either would be refreshing on a hot day but as a sucker for ice-cream, the Cola Twist Cream was amazing! 
  • At lunchtime, the tables around the food truck will be full. This can be a little frustrating. But, don’t fret- there are also tables on the back side of the food trucks!

Sunscreen is a must

  • Speaking of a hot day… Bring your sunscreen!!! It’s pretty sunny on Sesame Street and little shade! I imagine it’s gonna get pretty hot- that’s a good reason to try one of those frozen drinks I mentioned. 

Rides and Activities

  • Also, don’t forget your swimsuit for Rubber Duckie Water Works. Kids (and parents) can splash and play, and most importantly… cool off!
  • There are six kid-friendly rides around Sesame Street and a playground. My son is four. He was excited about all of the rides but I was hesitant about Cookie Drop. We skipped it but my 7-year-old would have loved it!
  • After that, go to Story Time with Big Bird. This is a nice time to get a break. Your kid can sit down around Big Bird’s nest and listen to a story told by an enthusiastic cast member. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax for a few minutes. The story is about 10 minutes long. After that, you can expect to stay longer if you’d like a picture with Big Bird!


  • The decor is awesome and there are plenty of photo ops! You’ve gotta sit on the famous 123 step stoop and do a meet and greet with Elmo and Cookie Monster. 

Family Friendly Accommodations

  • If you are nursing or have little ones, there is a quiet room and family restroom behind Elmo’s Choo-Choo Train.
  • Check out the Parent Resources for more planning information.

I hope you find these tips helpful and that you have an amazing trip visiting Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando.

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