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Top 10 Fall Date Night Ideas for Any Budget

It’s so important to keep things fun in any relationship, especially after becoming parents. Planning and making time for each other takes a lot of work and effort. Things can get a bit more complicated because we’re still dealing with the pandemic. However, date nights should not end. The weather is starting to get cooler, […]

The Myth of the Scary Mother-in-law

In the spirit of Halloween, I want to write about a spooky and downright terrifying subject. The word mother-in-law. A word associated for centuries with ancient creatures of darkness. I believe that there is nothing scary about the word, mother-in-law. Through history and over time it seems like we have created this negative stereotype of […]

How Staying at Home Changed My Perspective

We reversed roles, temporarily. It changed my perspective and quite possibly saved my marriage. This is one mom’s story of understanding stay-at-home parent life. Let me start by saying I give stay at home parents mad props. Like seriously. Handling unexpected situations, constant arguments or crying, and the bribery dance is a recipe for a […]

How to Have a Gentler, More Cost Effective Divorce with Collaborative Law

It’s time… You have given it a lot of thought, done the work in counseling, and you have decided it’s time to divorce. The idea of a court battle over children or finances can be stomach-churning and anxiety-producing. Collaborative Law is another option that not many people know about, and only a few attorneys are […]

How to Do a Successful Communication Spring Cleaning

As a wife and a mom, I think that many of us out there can say that communication might not be our significant other’s strongest skill. Now, my husband is fun and friendly and loving and hard-working and takes amazing care of his family. But, there are days when I swear if I have to repeat myself ONE […]

Need a Date Night? Try a Baby Swap!

I’ve heard it said that “happy parents make happy children”.  As a parent of two sweethearts, I truly do enjoy our time together. Having said that, I feel that most good relationships are going to be healthier if there is some small time apart.  I also feel that some alone time with the person that […]

Anniversaries Pre- and Post-Kids

Wedding anniversaries: much like the relationships they celebrate, these yearly markers change over time. Pre-kids you might go all out to remember and cherish your wedding day and how far you’ve come as a couple. Post-kids you might be content just to settle for a couple of hours of quiet time. When we first started […]