5 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with chocolates, flowers, jewelry or a fancy meal. I must admit, it’s one of my favorite holidays. I’m a sucker for all things romantic and sweet treats. As a parent, I enjoy Valentine’s Day more because I get to do creative things with my preschooler. Spend an afternoon or whatever time you have available creating easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. They can surprise their grandparents with some adorable artwork or share with their classmates. Here are five easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that should be fun for everyone.

Valentine Jewel Picture Frame


  • Woodcraft picture frame
  • Pink and red craft paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • Craft glue
  • Assorted flat-back craft jewels


  1. Have your child paint the frame a single color or color-blocked style. Use the seams in the corners of the frame as a guide and tape off each corner with masking tape. Paint the top and bottom sides pink, remove the tape and let dry completely. Then re-tape and paint the remaining two sides red.
  2. Let your child go crazy adding the jewels!
  3. Add a Valentine’s Day print or photo.

valentine's day frame

valentine's day diy frame

Valentine’s Bracelet


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Colorful beads
  • Alphabet beads


  1. Create a stopper so that the beads do not slide off. The first way is to tie a knot 1/3 way into the pipe cleaner. The second way is to attach a bead to the end of the pipe cleaner by stringing a bead through the pipe cleaner and then twisting the pipe cleaner around it.
  2. Talk to your child about which Valentine’s Day word (s) they would like to use for their bracelet. Have them find the letters they need to create that word. Form the words they’ll be adding to the bracelet.
  3. Let your child string the beads onto the pipe cleaner. They can practice forming patterns with the colored beads or just let their imagination run wild. Make sure your child place a colored bead between each letter.
  4. If you used the knot method to start the bracelet you will want to tie another knot when you are done adding beads. This will keep the beads from sliding around.
  5. Next, add a single bead behind the knot and twist the pipe cleaner so that it stays in place. This bead will help you fit the bracelet to the correct size.
  6. Once you have the right size, bend the pipe cleaner back over the bead. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner around the part of the pipe cleaner with the beads.
  7. Finally, feed the remaining pipe cleaner through the strung bead. Doing this will prevent the end of the pipe cleaner from poking your child.

friendship bracelet

beads bracelet

Paper Plate Valentine Bag


  • (2) Paper plates
  • Red yarn (or color of your choice)
  • Hole punch
  • Foam heart stickers (plain or glitter)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut off the top of 2 paper plates. You just want to cut off a little, so it is straight across the top rather than rounded.
  2. Have the child turn the 2 plates so that the sides you would eat off of are facing each other.
  3. Holding them together, use the hole punch and punch holes around the outside edge of the plates.
  4. Starting at the top, thread the yarn through the holes until you reach the top on the other side.
  5. Attach a handle by cutting a long piece of yarn, threading it through the top holes on both sides and tying it.
  6. Decorate the front with the foam stickers.

paper plate bag

Valentine's Day paper plate bag

Valentine’s Friendship Necklaces


  • Craft Foam
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Pony Beads


  1. Cut out a small size heart from the craft foam.
  2. Punch 1 or 2 holes into the top center of your heart, about ¼ inch from the top.
  3. Thread a 2-3 foot piece of yarn through the hole.
  4. Add beads to the yarn and tie a knot at the top with the ends.

Valentine's Day necklace

yarn necklace

Heart Shaped Valentine Bee


  • Yellow, Black and White Paper
  • Circle Punch – optional, but great for kids
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes – optional


  1. Start by cutting out one large white heart. This will act as the wings for your little bee.
  2. Cut out a yellow oval for the body. Trim the oval to fit the “V” of the bottom of the heart then attach with glue.
  3. Finally, glue on a few black stripes, the heart antennae, over-sized eyes, and a cute smile. My son used googly eyes and it turned out cute.

Valentine's day bee

heart-shaped bee

For even more fun valentine’s day crafts for kids see my post from a few years ago with 14 more suggestions!

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