5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween During A Pandemic

Halloween is on a Saturday this year! Yay! I know a lot of parents are happy they don’t have to worry about kids staying up late on a school night. However, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic! Many people are wondering how to safely celebrate this fun holiday with family and friends. Don’t cancel your plans, just make some adjustments. Check out these 5 awesome ways to safely celebrate Halloween during a pandemic.

Set up a Trick-or-Treat Table

Avoid having people ring your doorbell or grab candy from large bowls. Safely celebrate Halloween by setting up a decorated table in your front yard or driveway. Have kids take from the table. Or if you are going to hand out goody bags to kids as they approach make sure to follow all CDC guidelines. Wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

Have a Decorated House Competition

Set up a fun competition with your neighbors to decorate your home for Halloween. Go all out with spooky decorations to win first prize. Post an invitation on the community Facebook page with all the details. This is a creative way to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic.

Boo Your Neighbors or Friends

Surprise your friends and family by dropping off Halloween goody bags at their front door. Purchase items from local businesses to add to your basket. Since most people have camera doorbells, wear a costume when you drop off their sweet treats.

Host an Outdoor Party at Home

If you want to host a party, have a small gathering outside. Makes it easier for everyone to socialize without being cramped indoors. Set up a projector and screen to entertain your family and friends with Halloween movies. You can have prepackaged food as well as goody bags to hand out to guests. Definitely skip the buffet set up unless there is a designated person handing out food. Keep hand sanitizers accessible to all guests. Also, encourage everyone to wear a mask to keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Host a Virtual Costume Party

Host a fun costume party online for friends and family. You can suggest everyone make their costumes for less than $20 to encourage people to get creative. Have a cookie decorating contest or paint pumpkins to keep things fun and interactive. This is an awesome way to safely celebrate Halloween with your loved ones.

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